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We Create and Curate TARGETED Content whether for your website, books, lead magnets, or ebooks, that Saves you the Social Entrepreneur TIME, MONEY, STRESS.


JOY - RECIPES FOR ABUNDANCE Co-Author Julie Sylvia Kalungi

Do You Feel Like You Spend Way Too Much Time Figuring Out How To Get More Visible Online?

It’s quite possible, that you've been doing some things ok, yet there could be a couple of tweaks that your profile needs, to attract your ideal clients, almost effortlessly. Here's my Complimentary GIFT to you. In this Pinterest Domination Blueprint, you’ll not only get a profile facelift but an actual growth strategy.

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We Help Your Business GROW Online with a Creative Approach to Effective Results. You know how important social media is to your brand growth but it truly isn’t your forte, nor do you wish to spend hours on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or Pinterest. Heck, you only want to focus on what YOU are supremely qualified to do to serve your clients.

Our creative team helps your Business get Seen, Found, and Heard. Higher visibility by Managing your Digital Assets: sharing stunning value content, designed just for you. We can also Deep Clean & Refresh your Brand via an Optimized website, Pinterest Profile Cleanse, and digital advertising.

We will become an essential extension of your internal marketing team. We will advise on how to maximize your content to achieve the best possible results. This is what we could do for you:

Power Pinterest Strategy

Strategic Campaign Development

Visuals and Graphics Creation

Content and Material Development

Website Development, Content Revamp, & Maintenance

Legal Local SEO & Website Marketing

Online PR  

Is It Time For You To Have A Custom Content Strategy For Scaling your Business?
Choose your adventure!

Done for You Pinterest Management

Obviously, your aim is to build an audience that LOVES and Buys your offers as well as Shares and promotes them.


Ghostwriting, Content Creation & Curation

You can trailblaze and Lead the way with The Content we will create/curate on your behalf. It will reflect your brand Voice and Ethos. 

Once we receive your order we will create the first 10 posts, ebook, or lead magnet and submit them to you for approval.

You can be and are in control of what and how much of your brand your Audience gets to see. 

Legal Local SEO and Digital Citation

You can trailblaze and Lead the way with The Content we will create/curate on your behalf. It will reflect your brand Voice and Ethos. 

Local Authority Building SEO, Online PR, Google My Business, Brand/Website Reviews, Citations Management, On-Page Optimisation, Website Marketing.


Dominate Your Competition in Search esp. Google

  • Is your brand practically non-existent online?
  • Does nothing of value about your brand or business show up when people Google your name?
  • Are you finding it difficult to close deals or expand your business, because people don’t think your business is credible enough?

All the above mean it's time you build your digital presence in a focused way. Our team of experts can take care of everything, from building your personal brand strategy, to actually executing and implementing it. We can take your brand/business from being non-existent online to being a recognized and influential entity in your industry.

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How Does K-Web Social Designs Benefit Your Business? 

Free’s your Time so you Increase Your Productivity– to focus on the MOST important task that will grow your business.  

Stress Reduction – it can be overwhelming and lead to Wrong decisions if you are the boss-wearing-Lotsa-hats: Admin, Web Designer and Maintenance guy, PA, social media manager, Ads manager, promoter, accountant, all at once…  

Delegating some of these tasks will REDUCE the stresses of trying to wear all the hats and save you from overwhelm which leads to procrastination.  

Saves You Time and Money – Hire Us to save you time and money. You will have more time to work on what really matters, business growth and development, and the cost of hiring an employee (e.g., worker’s compensation, sick days, leave Pay, payroll taxes, etc.) 

Out Sourcing to the right organisation, will save you time and money. Period.

About K-Web Social Designs & 

Hey My name is Julie Syl

Best Selling Author and Pinterest Strategist. Your Virtual Chief of Operations of your Behind the Scenes Digital Marketing Success Team - K-Web Social Designs. Your Pinterest Marketing and Digital Marketing Experts. we bring Effective marketing that cuts through the BS of the Digital space to get you Seen, heard, and Found By your target audience and Deliver your Desired End Goal. Since 2014, it’s been my passion to teach organic digital marketing strategies and content creation that turns to profit!

Don’t have a Website Yet?  

Let's fix that for you Already! You cannot be or grow into a recognized brand in the modern digital world without an online presence you can fully control and grow into a formidable Asset. Let's get that cracking for you today.

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Once you have selected your package, follow the instructions.  

As soon as we receive and confirm your payment, we will email you a short form that you need to fill in to confirm the project/job and get us the details we need to get started.  

We will keep you updated on an agreed basis via e-mail, WhatsApp where available, Zoom call for one-on-ones, and Messenger if absolutely necessary!

K-Web Social is a specialist Digital Media & Marketing agency. (+44) 7858 134 865 admin@Kalungigroup.com